#1 vs. #2 


#1 vs. #4

Doesn’t matter.  NOBODY is picking ‘Bama.  All humans, all computers saying the Gators will win.  We understand.  AccuScore simulates specific games 10,000 times to predict a slew of stats…based upon too many statistics/scenarios for any human to comprehend.  It’s like NCAA Football for Playstation 3 (still the best console), but based on real attributes and statistics.  For the SEC title game, after 10,000 simulations, this super-computer reports the average score to be 34.8-21.3, in favor of Florida.

That’s sick(ening).

But there’s one attribute for which no computer can account.  That is IT.  Whatever IT is, ‘Bama’s got IT.



UA onto Field


Timmy Blackberry

APPLE pie, Timmy!  Not blackberry pie…and you’re supposed to stick your…nevermind…

Photo Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel via 3SIB


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