What’s the Problem

Jessica Simpson has plumped up her look. So what…you’d still nail it.

Jessica Simpson Large


Gotta be careful, though. This is an area that can have quite the “slippery slope.” It’s probably good the garbage television talkers have criticized Miss Simpson a little bit, although we are perfectly fine with a curvaceous lady.***

We will monitor Miss Simpson’s status daily to make certain she doesn’t slip too quickly or too far down that slope:

The Chick that’s SMOKIN’…

Jessica Simpson Hot


The Chick that’s SMOKIN’ Virginia Slims 100’s, and your grandfather brings her to Christmas a week after grandma dies — she’s about thirty years younger than him, grabs your cheeks, drives a Mustang, and has a name like Jolene or Geena Shay
Jessica Simpson Large


The Chick that’s just SMOKIN’ down vats of Chunky Monkey ice cream…

Jessica Simpson Fat

***While we are perfectly fine with a curvaceous lady, we are also perfectly fine with an issue of High Society magazine and a bottle of Jergen’s, so the standards are questionable.



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2 responses to “What’s the Problem

  1. Richard its your Mother

    Oh how the mighty will fall. Sad day.

  2. Oh yes, Mother, how they will fall!

    “So what…you’d nail it.”
    I believe the operative word here is it(s).

    Youz catz… I’m tollin’yaz…yer heartless, just heartless!

    Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

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