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The Puppy Who Lost His Way

What happened to our little boy scout?

Andre Smith Boy Scout


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I’m in Town to Play the Dolphins…

Brett Favre is retiring from the Jets and football forever, huh? Brett, we have one request. Don’t become a broadcaster or analyst like so many other former NFL stars. Be an actor. We know you’ve got it in you.

In fact, Favre was in town to play the Dolphins for his final game on Dec. 28th. But it was in New Jersey…not Miami.

Brett Favre

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Around the SEC in 80 Seconds

League Sense Header

If football is the cat’s pajamas for an SEC sports fan, this may be the gloomiest time of year:

16 days until any SEC school begins spring practice (Alabama hits the practice field on Feb. 24th; Auburn begins on Feb. 28th, and the rest of the SEC doesn’t suit up until the first week of March or later)

206 days until SEC football begins (South Carolina at NC State on Thursday, Sept. 3rd)

359 days until National Signing Day 2010

The teams of the SEC do have some things going on right now, though. After the jump, a few of the current newsworthy happenings around the greatest conference in college sports:

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Alabama Hires James Willis…

…away from Auburn. On Wednesday, head coach Nick Saban announced James Willis as the newest defensive assistant on the Crimson Tide staff. Saban also formally announced Sal Sunseri as the man to take over the other vacant coaching spot.

The news that is sure to rattle rivalry hatred throughout the Heart of Dixie comes almost exactly one week after former Tide assistant Lance Thompson packed his bags for Rocky Top and twelve days after assistant Kevin Steele officially took over as defensive coordinator at Clemson.

Yond Cassius

Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look...

Both Thompson and Steele coached linebackers, and that is the area of the defense Willis and Sunseri will coach.

Willis heads to Tuscaloosa shortly after being hired by new Auburn head coach Gene Chizik. The former All-SEC and NFL linebacker was on former AU head coach Tommy Tuberville‘s staff on the Plains and was initially released by the Chizik regime before being asked back. After Tuberville left, and before Chizik was hired, Willis was reportedly the only assistant who kept contact with AU recruits during that period. He has strong recruiting ties to talent hotbed Mobile, Ala.

Sunseri was an All-American linebacker at Pitt and played in the NFL before an injury ended his playing career. He served as Pitt’s interim head coach at the end of the 1992 season and most recently coached defensive line for the Carolina Panthers.

In addition to coaching linebackers, Willis will also carry the tag, “Associate Head Coach,” and Sunseri will be “Assistant Head Coach.”

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Frameless Heads on Nameless Walls

His real name is Vincent. Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson. Being from Alabama, he loves hunting, especially for deer. That shows in the description he gives of himself in a recent article in the Baltimore Sun. “God blessed me with speed like a spooked deer,” Jackson says, “He blessed me with an arm as if somebody tied a rifle to my shoulder.”

Bo vs. FSUAnyone who has ever read his autobiography, Bo Knows Bo, which combines the funniest and scariest stories of growing up poor in Bessemer, Ala., knows Bo isn’t afraid to talk about his physical ability. But in his older age, he has also gained some “perspective.”

Sports has made life so easy for me now. It has helped me get my feet into doors in business to where I’m comfortable…I am a poor black boy from Alabama, raised in a house that I could fit into my living room…

I have business deals thrown my way on almost a weekly basis. That’s what sports has done for me.

I was good for sports, but sports was great to Bo Jackson.

B Jackson

Bo at his indoor sports facility

According to the article, Auburn’s 1985 Heisman Trophy winner now lives in Chicago and has his hand in many different baskets. He owns a bank, an indoor sports facility, and a food manufacturer that ranks in the top-10 of companies providing food for the military. That enterprise may stem from his true passion, gourmet cooking, which is “one thing that I do better than sports,” Jackson says.

“..[O]f course I specialize in Southern cooking, but I also dibble and dabble in Italian, Asian, and a little French cuisine.”

In 1991, after several seasons splitting time with professional baseball and football (and splitting time with Marcus Allen in the Oakland Raiders backfield), his football career was terminated.

There's a dagger in there somewhere.

There's a dagger in there somewhere.

The details are fuzzy, but basically Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Kevin Walker shoved a rusty dagger in the running back’s side during a tackle, and the weapon pierced Jackson’s hip bone. That’s the gist of it anyway. But his baseball career lasted a few more years. In the article Bo mentions that he “got spoiled” during Major League Baseball’s ’95 strike when he was able to spend quality time with his family.

“It wasn’t a case of, I couldn’t play anymore. I didn’t want to play anymore.”

We understand, Vincent. Baseball was never meant for one as beautiful as you.

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Redskins Rule?

Do these people know Obama's tax hikes are aimed at them?

Do these people know Obama's tax hikes are aimed at them?

Being Election Tuesday, 2008, there’s sure to be much talk about the Redskins Rule – the one that states if the Washington D.C. Redskins win their last home game before voters run to the polls, the incumbent party’s candidate will win the election; if they lose, the challenging party’s candidate wins. It’s truly a phenomenon and one that, before 2004, dated back seventeen presidential elections, even before the ‘Skins were the ‘Skins or even a D.C. team for that matter.

Unfortunately for political prognosticators, that streak was broken in 2004 when the Redskins lost their last home game before the election, but incumbent party Republican candidate George W. Bush shocked(?) the gods and prevailed over challenger party Democrat John Kerry.

So did last night’s Washington egg tell us anything about who will be named the next President of the United States? No.

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